2020 Summer Intensive

2020 Summer Intensive

August 10th – August 21st | Monday – Friday daily: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Mr. Ask la Cour, Artistic Director, will be teaching classes across all levels for this 2 week summer intensive program. The program will include guest faculty of current and former New York City Ballet dancers in addition to our own artistic faculty.

For more information, call 631.462.6266

Pay Per Live Online Class

In order to get enrolled in each day’s class and receive an invitation to attend, you must first make payment for that day’s class. Please note that you must sign up before 12:00 noon, of the day of each class you would like to attend to be included in that day’s invite. Click here for 2020 Summer Intensive Application Form.

2 Week Program

Multiple Dance Styles

2020 Summer Intensive Application Form

Classes will include ballet, contemporary, modern, and jazz mixed with other dance styles. Body conditioning will be part of the daily program as well as lectures on nutrition and body maintenance.

There will be a small demonstration at the end to give the students an opportunity to show what they have learned. This is a great way to finish the summer strong and get ready for the fall semester!

Registration form available by clicking here or by calling 631.462.6266.