Zen Planner Registration

To register:

  • click here to be taken to Zen Planner
    • If you are new to our school and would like to audition with a free trial class scroll to the bottom of the sign up page to register your free class or call our office at 6314626266 to see which one best suits your abilities.
  • If you know your division placement simply click “all sign up options” on the top of the page and select your division from the drop down menu. This will provide you all payment options.
  • Be sure to mark yourself as the guardian!!
  • Fill in you profile information, waivers, payment information, and review.
  • Once you have received your profile you may reserve your classes! Simply click on the classes you’d like to attend for the first week. Once you reserve these, you will receive an email confirmation and you will be added to these classes for the remainder of the semester ending on June 10th.