NYDT donates 50 tickets to at-risk youth and foster families.

Hope For Youth Long Island.

Teaching Artist Nicola Hospedales visits Mommas House in Levittown for NYDT’s first of many Mommy and Me workshops.

An unanticipated highlight was a child taking his first steps straight across the room with a big smile.

Artistic Director Nicole Loizides meets with newly immigrated families from Race Track Chaplaincy of NY at NYDTs Nutcracker at Hofstra University.


A division of New York Dance Theatre that goes above and beyond our daily long standing outreach.

Développé (French: “developed,” or “unfolded”), in ballet, is a smooth, gradual unfolding of the leg from the floor to above. This is the perfect term and visual representation for NYDT’s newest initiative, spawning growth from the ground up. Développé takes a multi- pronged approach to mitigating diversity issues in ballet by partnering with community organizations that cater to at-risk youth, foster families, families facing homelessness, migrant families, and youth facing a myriad of overwhelming obstacles in their lives.

Through Développé, NYDT and the Ohman School of Ballet are able to reach further into our communities than with our traditional approaches through public community organizations. Our bilingual staff offers us the opportunity to engage with students that would otherwise not find comfort and community in traditional ballet schools.

We have been able to offer scholarships, workshops, and mentorships to youth in need as well as offer teacher training scholarships, intern scholarships, and management work to a diverse team, as those involved in both arts management and directorship roles should reflect the diverse community we want to engage with. In addition, all community partners have full access to our annual productions, giving families the opportunity to experience live theater and classical dance together.

With support from leaders at New York City Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Joyce Theatre and the World Famous Apollo Theatre, we have established effective outreach tactics and practices that will continue to make a difference in the lives of families in the New York area for generations to come.

We believe Développé will be pivotal for the ballet industry at large and an inclusive and life changing experience for many children of color as well as those of us in leadership positions who will learn exponentially from students and professionals whose culturally diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses are different from our own.

We are proud to have partnered with Hope For Youth Long Island, Race Track, Chaplaincy of NY, Options For Living, Big Brother Big Sister Long Island, and Mommas House.

Thank you to all of our donors and sponsors who have helped make this dream a reality for so many families.

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