Summer Classes & Intensive Program

SUMMER 2024 CLASSES – July 1st – August 1st

Spend Summer evenings with us. Simple… five weeks of training, without the need to change to a daytime routine! Schedule can be found on our calendar here. REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR ALL AGES:

SUMMER INTENSIVE 2024 – August 5th – August 16th

OSB’s Summer intensive is rich with a full range of ballet technique, contemporary, pointe, partnering, theater, modern, and strength training classes. Our emphasis on mental and physical health for dancers, under the direction of Artistic Director Nicole Loizides, is what keeps our students performing at their full potential and well into their careers. In addition to our classes we offer creative sessions and a pre-pro program connecting upper class students with choreographers from around the world.

In addition to OSB faculty this year, we welcome our special guests Skyla Schreter (San Francisco Ballet, Boston Ballet), Eric Otto (ABT, NYCB, Broadway), John Prinz (ABT, NYCB), and Yuko Giannakis (Martha Graham).

Skyla Schreter (San Francisco Ballet, Boston Ballet)

Eric Otto (ABT, NYCB, Broadway)

John Prinz (ABT, NYCB)

Yuko Giannakis (Martha Graham)









Join Artistic Director Nicole Loizides for a deep dive into ballet and how this artistic and scientific physical practice can improve all of your dance skills. As a scar tissue specialist, working with performers all over world, Ms. Loizides’ approach to teaching ballet is a skillful and informed one, making ballet palatable and fun for even the toughest ballet critics. The Ohman School of Ballet is committed to seeing all students receive the attention needed for a healthy dance career. For more information on this course, click here: