Curriculum & Policies 3

School Policies
Etiquette and Dress Code

  1. Students must be on time for class.
  2. Students must be prepared for class:
    1. Proper Dress:
      • Boys – black ballet shoes, black tights (or spandex), white tee shirts
      • Girls – pink ballet shoes, pink tights, black leotard
      • Ballet skirts may be worn only with permission of the instructor giving the class.
      • No street clothes may be worn over ballet attire. A ballet sweater may be worn if cold. Leg warmers may be worn with permission from the instructor. Pointe shoes should be secured with elastics and ribbons.
    2. Hair for girls should be worn pulled back off the face in a secure, neat ballet bun.
    3. No jewelry or watches are permitted. Small earrings are allowed for pierced ears.
    4. No rubber or plastic warm-up pants are allowed in class.
  3. Students must not leave class once the class is started, without the teacher’s permission.
  4. There is no talking, socializing, or disruption of class. (Classes can be fun, but you are there to learn and so is the student next to you.)
  5. Leave all street clothes and dance bags in the dressing room on the shelves provided.
  6. Do not bring any valuables to the studio.
  7. No food or drink is allowed in the dressing room or the studios.  Food and drink is confined to the reception and hallway areas and garbage is to be placed into the receptacles provided in these areas.
  8. No gum is allowed in any area of the school at any time.
  9. Students are expected to address their instructors with the prefix “Mr” or “Miss” and are expected to afford them the respect they deserve at all times. Ballet etiquette includes a proper greeting and “reverence” at the end of class, as well as #1 through #8 above.

School Rules & Regulations

  1. The artistic staff has the final decision in all matters pertaining to class and division placement.
  2. Any student wishing to enroll in the school must take a trial/placement class for which there is a $20.00 fee per class.
  3. All tuition must be paid in full before any student may take class. Tuition payment is by the semester: fall, spring, summer.
  4. There is a 10% sibling discount on the tuition for the second, third, etc. child from the same family. The highest tuition must be paid in the full amount.
  5. Tuition is non-refundable (exception:  injury or illness which will keep the student out for a semester…must be verified with proper medical report)
  6. All matriculated students must take the minimum number of required classes per week for their division:
    1. Division 1: one class/week
    2. Division 2: two classes/week
    3. Division 3: three technique classes/week (does not include pointe)
    4. Division 4: five classes/week
    5. Division 5: six classes/week
  7. Students should not take class if they have an injury of any kind, but they may observe the class as long as they do not create a disruption of any kind.
  8. Students are expected to make up a missed class on any day the division meets within one month of the absence. If already taking the maximum number of classes offered in your division, the make-up should be taken in a division lower.
  9. The dress code at the Ohman School of Ballet is to be strictly observed in all classes.
  10. Leaving or disrupting a class in session will not be tolerated from any student.
  11. Parents who wish to remain during class time may do so in the reception area or the main lobby of the building.
  12. The school may close without notice due to emergencies and inclement weather. When in doubt, call the office at (631) 462–6266 and listen for the announcement on the answering machine or check the website. Generally, if the Commack Public School District is closed due to bad weather, the Ohman School is also closed (although there are exceptions when the roads and parking lot have been cleared by the time our classes start).
  13. Students who intend to apply to summer intensive programs should check with Mr. Ohman first.  Letters of recommendation will only be issued to programs endorsed by the Ohman School, and only to students who take unlimited classes (regularly).  Mr. Ohman and the teaching staff reserve the right to withhold any letter of recommendation for any student who has poor attendance, or whose technique is not of the level required.
  14. Non-matriculated students may not participate in any Ohman School/New York Dance Theatre productions, lecture/demonstrations, or any events representing the school.


Registration is ongoing throughout the school year. New students are placed in levels according to an initial placement class. A one-time registration fee of $50 is required of all new students. Tuition fees are paid at the start of each semester (fall, spring, summer) and are pro-rated for students enrolling after a semester has started. Early registration is recommended since class size is limited. Please contact the school in advance to schedule a placement class.

Creative Movement classes for ages 3 – 5  Designed to take advantage of the natural freedom of movement and musicality which young children demonstrate.

Introduction to Ballet for ages 5 – 6  Children will learn proper ballet movement, terminology and body positions.


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional level technique classes:

Division 1 – Students master basic classical ballet steps and positions with a focus on proper vocabulary and technique

Division 2 – Students learn to combine mastered steps and turns are introduced

Division 3 – Students are exposed to the full demands of classical ballet technique

Division 4 – This level emphasizes line, speed, control of adagio,multiple turns and increasingly complex combinations

Division 5 –  A pre-professional level for dancers striving for perfection

Pointe classes (div 3, 4, 5) – Students may enroll in pointe classes only after they have acheived appropriate physical maturity and have mastered proper basic ballet technique. (Teacher recommendations)

Pas de Deux – Class (Partnering) Division 3 & 4 students are introduced to the art of partnering. Division 4 & 5 advanced students work on the entire range of promenades, with supported turns and lifts.

Men’s and Boys’ Class – Must be taken in combination with division class.

Guest Faculty Program – Featuring artists from New York City’s leading ballet companies.

Beginner ballet classes – For Teens and Adults.