Dancing Cowboy review by Nichole Hlinka

Frank Ohman’s new book, Dancing Cowboy, is a delightful read, filled with observations and insight acquired over an illustrious dance career.

This biography leads us through Mr. Ohman’s youth, influenced as he was by the simplicity and vastness of the West, his early dance career at the San Francisco Ballet, and his long and most memorable association with the New York City Ballet. The book finally leads us into the various teaching methods he has used so successfully to guide his many pupils. Especially moving for me, as a colleague of Mr. Ohman’s at NYCB, were the wonderful stories and anecdotes from the company’s early years, which delve into delicious detail about the direct influence and spiritual connection he so obviously shared with George Balanchine.

It is most interesting to see how Mr. Ohman has taken these influences and transformed them into positive motivation for our daily lives. For those who wish to gather the core knowledge that is so essential to anyone who desires a profession in the arts, this is a must read.


March 12th, 2014

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